Magic of beginnings – Calendar 2016


2016 !!!

It’s a New year and a New Beginning ! Here from  the Unposted Letters store , we are all super excited on the launch of our first ever product .

The illustrations are from the doodle series Unposted letters and we try to keep its essence in the whole calendar. The whole packaging was done at papercats studio  and the design was screen printed for each product. The idea was to make each piece unique with the human imperfection. We never tried to make a machine precision in our, product rather we want to keep the presence of a human touch there.


Though our design screams out minimalism and simplicity, it was not that easy to bring it to life from a mere thought. Our dream of making a product which is unique and specially handcrafted saw light at ‘Chanpatna’- The land of Toys – in Karnataka.We were in search of an apt medium & method to execute the design and what could have done it more justice than – Wood and lac-turnery !!! Lac- turnery is the method of craftsmanship werein the product is made on a lathe, which is rotating/turning hand held machine, and lacquered with organic non toxic vegetable dye. Hence the term , Lac- turnery. The main highlight of this method is that the product would have perfectly circular symmetrical shapes and edges. It requires tremendous skill and precision and this is 100% eco friendly. Each of our limited edition calendar base has been made using this technique following our specially crafted design to ensure uniqueness and simplicity.