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Huracan Time Travel


Lamborghini Unveils a photo project featuring supercars and Asian landscape

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A single vision, multiple canvases : A look at the mind of Vimal Chandran

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Lamborghini’s promotional campaign showcase a slice of Kerala and its culture

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Interview in Malayalam


Vimal Chandran brings in a Contemporary and Quirky twist through his Illustrations and Stories 

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When Italy meets India

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Vimal Chandran’s 2021 calendar, Songs for the Birds features his watercolour painting

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Its raining picturesque 

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Art of Isolation : Artists spread love through comics

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 Ordinary moments in extra ordinary art

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Faber- Castell adopts influencer marketing as a new way to reach its customers

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A wonderful period for Visual artists and illustrators


I decided to quit my corporate job forever – Vimal Chandran

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Aesthetics behind the obvious

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Vimal Chandran – Art of small things

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A tale of times

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A breath of fresh air

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 His Art is not only for the walls

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 The art of breaking free

For me the basic Idea of art is story telling – Vimal Chandran

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When frames don’t define pictures


Can art be an instrument to propagate Ideas?

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Love in the time of Collage

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 30 Under 30 ground breaking artists around the globe


New generation Artist