Under a new brand name – Vimal Chandran


Hello all,

Hope you all are doing great! This is a small announcement regarding my brand name change.

In order to maintain uniformity across all print and social media platforms, we have decided to move all my works under the brand name ‘ Vimal Chandran’. We are currently working with our social media team to incorporate this brand name change across all the social media platforms. Please note the following changes on different social media platforms

Facebook ‘Vimal’s Paintings and Photography’ will be changed to ‘Vimal Chandran’ 

Twitter‘VimalC’ will be changed to ‘Vimal Chandran’

Instagram – No change and it would be ‘Vimal Chandran’ as before

Meanwhile all my lifestyle products, posters, non limited edition prints will still be available at the Unposted Letters store as before.

Thank you all for your continuous support!

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