Mynt‘ is a restaurant from Abu dhabi  serving authentic and real Indian food. In these days too many people claim authenticity but that is hardly ever the case but Mynt is definitely trying to play above the normal routine. Fresh herbs and spices, real Indian chefs that have cooked real Indian recipes, passed on from a generation to the next are some of the specialities of the brand. They also provide Charcoal grills and Barbeques .

I set out to create an intelligent and intriguing brand that would intuitively convey the team’s knowledge and care for the Indian food and its modern outlook.I settled on a design that was essentialist, restrained, and heavily focused on detail, but without being cold or aloof. The logo mark combines the letter ‘M’ and an elephant icon as an Indian element with a mint leaf. The color palette used are subtle but attractive along with the line patterns  created the  visual language of the brand.