L I F E . G O E S . O N

Here is the work process behind the making of ‘Life Goes On’ table clock from Unposted Letters Time series . Its a relatively simple design from Unposted letters series with the idea of endless life cycle.I did the initial design and the product was executed and realised by Unposted Letters team.

I strongly believe that carpentry is a blend of art and design skills. Thanks to Ram and Suresh from Kerala, for their artistic ideas and craftsmanship in making such a beautiful uni-body teak wood base for the desk clock. The illustration on the clock is printed through the method of screen printing. Lots of manual work was involved in printing every minute detail on each piece of clock. In this way each clock piece is manually attended and printed by hand – thanks to Mr. Hari, from Kerala, he is a master in screen printing, by his expertise that he earned from decades of experience in the industry.

Sharing some of the work in progress snaps here. you can buy this limited edition product from Unposted Letters store

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