Curious Life Coffee

“I want to have a cup of coffee which is beyond regular and is amongst the most delicious in world, I should be able to enjoy it at my home as well; without much hassle” – Thats the idea behind Curious Life coffee . When the team of Curious Life Coffee reached out to me for rebranding their identity, they were pretty sure about the way they would like to grow the brand in the future. Avoiding all the cliche elements for a coffee brand, I have tried to  come up with something very original & minimal.

“Passionately arrogant, curious, free and alive” – this is how the team described their brand. We combined all these elements together to create a brand new Identity.

The identity was developed upon the idea of  Zalktis symbol and an Owl face.
Zalktis ,the grass snake represents knowledge in Latvian Mythology though mostly related to protector of happiness and wealth.
The Owl refers to curiosity and vision  .It also refer to the book of Richard Bach [As the owners say , this book is one of the inspiration of this brand] Also in ancient Greece, the Little Owl was the companion of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, which is one of the reasons why owls are believed to symbolize curiosity.